Mikko Tuomela: Personal

I used to be mostly harmless. Now, that I study in the United States, I am something more?.

I might not be the one about whom your mother warned you but I am a person with some distinct attributes. I am a Finnish graduate student. I study in the Informatics PhD program at Illinois Informatics Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (yes, the one where HAL 9000 was created). information at University of Michigan I also have another homepage there.

As I have a background and degree in software engineering, I have worked at several Finnish software companies. I have also been very involved with Alternative Party as one of the main organizers of the event and as the chairman of the association. The web magazine FinnQueer and the Tulkaa kaikki movement are in my activities, too.

When I grow big, I will be some sort of information professional. I do not even know where. The physical location is no longer important; my friends can be reached through the Internet, so can the services of different companies and Finnish governmental offices. I love to travel and see places. I also love to code in Perl.

Stuff I do

Ordered as a nice bullet point lists, here's something I do every now and then: